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Hey Girls!!! 

      (and guys who have decided to read this) 

so my last blog entry was in September 2013 and I haven't written an entry since mainly because nothing really interesting has been happening in my life that I felt was worth sharing! but I was overdue on letting you guys know how I was doing, and many of you have asked me on Instagram, Twitter, and E-mail about Makeup, Hairtools, Hairproducts, my Nails, etc. so I thought blogging would be a good way of me talking about some products that I own and use daily that I love, what products I've invested in that I hate, and what products (and makeup artists) that I highly recommend especially if you are in the USA & London. 

*** Also, many of you on Instagram have asked me about my weightless blog as well so if your on here looking for it, here is the link if you haven't read it yet! --> My WeightLoss Story ***

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On Instagram, my hand/nail/manicure/ pictures are the biggest hit! They get the most likes, tags, comments, and a lot of you really appreciate them (thank you so much). I constantly get emails, and questions via social media asking about my skin care regime on my hands. I take great pride on taking care of my hands and nails because believe it or not, I suffer from Eczema.

What is Eczema? - Eczema is a skin disorder that causes the skin to become inflamed or irritated. It affects 10% to 20% of infants and about 3% of adults and children in the U.S.A. Most infants who develop the condition outgrow it by their tenth birthday, while some people (like myself) continue to have symptoms on and off throughout life. The exact cause of Eczema is unknown :( but it's thought to be linked to an overactive response by the bodes immune system to an irritant. Some people may have "flare-ups" of the itchy rash in response to certain substances or conditions. For some, coming into contact with rough or course materials may cause the skin to become itchy. For others, feeling too hot or too cold, exposure to certain household products like soap or detergent or coming into contact with animal dander may cause an outbreak. Upper respiratory infections or colds may also be triggers. Stress may cause the condition to worsen! Although there is no cure, most people can effectively manage this with medical treatment and by avoiding irritants. This condition is NOT, I repeat, NOT contagious and CAN NOT, I repeat, CAN NOT be spread from person to person. 

I never had eczema as a child but I noticed symptoms of it when I was probably 13 years old. I developed it on the inside of both my arms (usually where rashes occur), back of my knees, and on the front of my hands\fingers (so embarrassing). Although there is no cure for Eczema and mine wasn't too bad I was able to get it under control. 
*TouchWood* my Eczema has "gone away" from both my arms, and back of my knees, however I still sometimes occasionally see my skin becoming red and patchy on my hands due to certain things that I do (that I know I shouldn't do). Right now, it's Winter in NYC and if I don't wear gloves, the extreme cold weather will trigger my Eczema on my hands and I will have a outbreak :( so I always have to wear gloves to protect my hands! When I wash my clothes, I always use a "Fragrance Free" detergent (any kind is fine as long as it says Fragrance Free, but I use TIDE) & I always make sure my hands (especially after I wash them) are moisturized.

So, how did I get my Eczema under control? I use Clobetasol Propionate Ointment USP, 0.05%. It is Doctor Prescribed but I can't tell you (in my personal opinion) how wonderful this is! I just experienced an outbreak on my hands as I was baking Sugar Cookies 3 days ago! I made the icing from scratch and when I mixed the butter, sugar, and milk together to make the icing and decorate the cookies, it got extremely messy! When the icing was spilling all over my hands, it irritated my skin and my hands broke out in red scaly itchy patches! Well, that night I applied this ointment over my fingers and when I woke up the next morning all the redness, and itchiness, was gone! :) It looked like I never even had a problem to begin with. I recommend this ointment for anyone that has a skin disorder as this is strong enough to help you if you have a mild or severe skin condition like Eczema. I am not a Doctor, this is just going by my personal opinion and experience, so make sure you talk to your doctor and see if you can get this prescribed for you.
They say you can tell a woman's age by her hands! (its true). I know I have lots of years a head of me (hopefully) so I shouldn't worry or even be thinking about anything but I've always been told to start regular skincare regime and even use eye cream (which I don't believe in) when your 19 years old!! -- 

I always wash my hands because I am a germ freak! I don't have a Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) but I just like my hands to be clean and free of germs! I also am aware that constantly washing your hands can dry out your skin and cause it to age quicker.

Every time after I was my hands, I apply this! Victoria Secret "Perfect Body" Sweet Almond Oil Moisturizing Body Lotion. I LOVE this. One day I was walking around Victoria Secret and I just checked out the beauty section. I tried a sample of this lotion in the store and thought "seems okay...smells good at least". When I went home and it was time for me to wash my hands, basically what the bottle says, "Drink It In"... I applied this lotion and I could literally feel my skin "drinking" the lotion. My hands felt cool, extremely moisturized, and baby soft the entire day!! It is deeply hydrating with shea butter and almond oil. As you can see I've used half the bottle and I'm due to buy another soon because I just love this. Moisturizing your hands after you wash them, or just in general is extremely important. It keeps them looking young, fresh, and soft! I recommend this product for any of you who don't mind having baby hands! The oils in this are great and it doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy at all. PRICE - $18 USD - £11 - INR RS 1,107.36 - AED  د.إ. 66.11


I mentioned above, many of you appreciate my manicure pictures and are always asking what my favorite brand of nail polish is, what colors I love, how do I get my nails long, where do I get my nail inspiration from, etc. 

I get my nail inspiration from lots of things, objects, magazines, nature, people, current brand colors, and of course my own imagination. The picture on the right is of my hands and I called this my "Holiday" 2013 look! for the holiday season! My nails are pretty strong in general and grow extremely fast! I used to get regular manicures done and my nails would grow long but then eventually chip and break from doing daily activities. This would ANNOY me!!! and then just lead to me biting ALL my nails and growing them out again. I decided to start doing Gel Manicures! As soon as I did one, I got hooked!
What is a Gel Manicure? - A gel manicure is a manicure that promises a "chip free" perfectly polished nails that last up to three weeks with using gel colors on your nails opposed to polish. 

I love getting gel manicures because the don't cause my nails to break or chip and it keeps them long without me worrying about me doing something and it breaking! However, even though it has become the hottest trend in the nail salons these days there are PROS and CONS which I will discuss here. The shape I have requested is "pointy" but not too pointy!! more like an almond shape with a slight point for those of you who want to try this. 

  • Last up to three weeks
  • Chip-free
  • Salon quality finish
  • Can be applied to natural nails
  • Can be applied to nail tips to extend the nail
  • Comes in a variety of colors

  • More Expensive
  • Requires LED or UV light for long-lasting effect

Although I do find my nails pretty and it's fun to decorate them with the latest "Japanese Nail Art" trend thats been "all the rage" these days as well, I don't think I'll continue with the Gel nails. I can still decorate my nails, keep the shape, etc. But I don't think I'll use Gel all the time. I would rather stick to regular Nail Polish. I have been reading a lot of articles about how exposure to LED\UV light for a long period of time can cause skin cancer? I don't know if this is true, but I don't want to find out either. Although I always knew these lights weren't good for skin, I always put SPF on my hands when I know my hands will be under the LED\UV light.

Would I recommend Gel Nails? - I don't know. Decide and use at your own risk. Having Gel nails once in awhile when your traveling, getting married, honeymoon, etc. is perfectly okay
doing it 24\7 every 2 weeks (like how I do is not a good idea and I would not recommend doing Gels every 2 weeks (only because of what I've been reading) 

Here is the link for you to read yourself ---> Are Gel Manicures Safe?

Down below are questions (provided with answers) that I get asked via instagram, twitter, and email ALL the time!! 

^^^^ Not My Picture, or Hands ^^^^

1) Between ESSIE nail polish and OPI, which is your favorite?

In my personal opinion, my favorite nail polish brand is ESSIE. I love essie nail polish because this brand has an amazingly wide selection of colors. There are tons of shades of reds, blues, greens, pinks, purples, oranges, you name it! The glitters are stunning, and their treatment polishes (ridge filler, apricot oil, no chips ahead, etc) are equally as great. I feel Essie nail polish doesn't chip as quick as other brands such as OPI, China Glaze, etc. I prefer the thin brush as opposed to a thicker brush when I get my nails painted. Essie has a thinner brush applicator and OPI has a thicker brush applicator. I find the thicker brush a bit more "messy" although the coating when applied to my nails with an OPI polish is thicker and Essie nail polish coats are thinner. It really depends what YOUR personal preference is but in my personal opinion, I always choose Essie unless i HAVE to go with OPI (if they don't offer Essie colors in the nail salon I'm at)

2) Your hands are beautiful, what do you do? 

Thank You!!!! however, I don't think I do anything differently than what you do! I wash them with soap, exfoliate them once a week and apply moisturizer to them. I make sure throughout the day they are fully hydrated! :) For a women, taking care of your hands and nails is as important as taking care of the skin on your face. It is often said that our hands reveal your true age, leaving them susceptible to wrinkles, sun spots, and other signs of aging. With that said, ladies, keep your hands moisturized and sun protected! Make sure they are hydrated daily. And drink LOTS of water!!

When you get your nails done, do you cut your cuticles? 
and if so, how do you care for them?

Sometimes, Yes. I do cut my cuticles. Just like your hands need to be moisturized, so do your nails. With your moisturizer, rub a little bit into the base and the sides of your nails, including your cuticles. If your cuticles are very dry (which most of ours are), you may want to consider applying cuticle oil to offer an extra dose of moisture!

The cuticle oil that I recommend is 
CND SolarOil.
This stuff is awesome! It deeply penetrates thru your real nails and works just as well if you have artificial nails on (acrylics, etc) It leaves your nails feeling beautiful, extremely conditioned, and keeps your cuticles soft and moisturized without your hands looking nasty and dry! Yuck! You should use this everyday after you wash the dishes, your hands, etc. Anytime people ask me about my nails this is something I always recommend them having in their beauty kit, hands down! It works wonders and smells SO good....kinda like sugar cookies :) I love it, and I highly recommend this. 
I bought mine from Amazon.
$6 USD - £3.66 - INR RS 369.12 - AED  د.إ. 22.04


I know a lot about haircare, so it's no surprise that I'm launching my 100% Human Clip In Hair Extensions called "DreamTresses
which will be released this year in a few months!!!. I'm super excited and I can't wait for you guys to own your own set! As I'm getting closer to to launch, I will do a blog about why I chose this, how I got started, etc. so you know the full history behind my company while you wear your Gorgeous Hair.

Anyway, I mentioned above about blow-drying my hair! 

Does a good blow dryer really matter? 
The answer is 

As some of you know, I recently was in London 2 weeks ago during Christmas to check up on our Flat. Since my main home isn't in London and I visit UK once or twice a year, I didn't care about getting a good quality hair dryer since I'm usually there for 1 week anyway I didn't think it would matter.
I forgot the name of the HORRIBLE hair dryer brand so I can't tell you guys which hair dryer it is until I go back to London in April this year.
me with blonde hair!! 

Anyway, when I first used it, it was whatever. It was okay. Granted, my hair was healthier 2 years ago then it is now! When I went back to London 2 weeks ago, I got a fresh haircut before I left NYC and my hair looked and felt great! 
When I got to London and used this hair dryer on my hair that is already damaged from being bleached playboy bunny Blonde a year ago, It totally dried up my hair (because of the extreme heat) and made my ends look like CRAP!!!!!!!. My hair as of this moment looks like I haven't gotten a haircut in a year! It feels so dry, and looks damaged all over again. This is because of the hair dryer being so shitty, and extremely hot.

Look!!!!!! :( 

Yeah.....so this is how the ends of my hair look at the moment! and tomorrow I'm going for another haircut! :( God knows when I'll ever be able to grow out my hair back to it's healthy state but I am taking good care of it right now so that by the end of the year, it's healthy again! :) I'm not worried. 

Most of us in reality don't really give a second thought to what we dry our hair with. Its true. Having a great hairdryer is really an important part of your hair care routine. If you have bleached damaged hair, frizzy hair, or dry hair, and you blow dry your hair with a cheap blow dryer, it will only make it worse!

Having experienced what I have with a cheap blow dryer, 

I have learned 2 things:: 

They're too hot and lack proper power. Cheap blow-dryers are very hot and because there is very little power behind them, you end up exposing hair to heat for longer periods, causing damage immediately & over time. 

It can lead to major frizz! Since there's no power behind a cheaper blow-dryer, it take forever to dry hair, and eventually most people (like me) will give up and head out the door!

If your looking for a new hair dryer, I have and use 2 that I love and definitely recommend. 

1) Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Portofino

2) DryBar Bio::Ionic

The Babyliss Pro Portofino & The DryBar Bio::Ionic are both AWESOME hair dryers. Both of them dry your hair extremely quickly, leaving your hair soft and silky, and cause no damage. 
However, if I were to choose one - I would choose the Babyliss Pro Portofino. 

What is the difference between the DryBar Bio::Ionic & Babyliss Pro Portofino blowdryers?

DryBar Bio::Ionic
PRICE - $190 USD - £115.93 - INR RS 11,681.2 - AED  د.إ. 697.87 

The DryBar Bio::Ionic hairdryer (also known as the "Buttercup") was given to me as a Christmas gift last year 2013 from my friend Jessica aka misszjessica_patron. haha! love ya girly! :) 
She bought me this from Sephora
Here is the link --> http://www.sephora.com/ 
We exchange christmas gifts every year and this year I had asked for this hair-dryer because I really wanted to try it out. The Bio::Ionic is the hairdryer that a Salon in NYC called the "DryBar" uses on their clients hair. The DryBar is a salon that does blowouts.....ONLY. No cuts, no color,....only blowouts. Since i'm a big fan of blowdrying my hair and styling it, I wanted this hair dryer to see what all the hype was.


  • Easy to use
  • lightweight
  • 1875 watts
  • powerful
  • fast
  • has conditioning nano beads to seal hair cuticles
  • hair is frizz free 
  • hair is silky, and soft
  • hydrates and conditions


  • Expensive

I read a lot of reviews of people complaining about this hairdryer stopping and not working after 10-15 uses. I've had this hairdryer since December 22, 2013 and so far, it's been working fine with me! I really have no complaints about this hairdryer. It's a great hairdryer and I defiantly recommend it if you've been wanting to try it out or in search of a new one. My hair isn't frizzy at all and it feels silky and extremely soft after each blow-dry! It's a thumbs up for me!

Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Portofino
PRICE - $129.99 USD - £79.29 - INR RS 7,991.79 - AED 477.44  د.إ. 

I bought this hairdryer from a website called Folica
Here is the website link --> http://www.folica.com/
 I've had this hairdryer for 2 years and I love it to pieces! I love all Babyliss products! They work extremely well and live up to expectation and never seem to disappoint me. This hair dryer is extremely fast and my hair is dry in literally 5 minutes! 


  • Easy to use
  • lightweight
  • 2000 watts
  • ultra powerful
  • super fast
  • has an italian AC motor
  • conditions hair 
  • hair is silky, and soft
  • adds shine


  • Expensive

If you have curly, frizzy hair, I recommend the DryBar Bio::Ionic Hairdryer. If your hair is normal texture, straight, silky, I recommend the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino! The choice is yours, but personally in my opinion I would go with the Babyliss but both are great hairdryers!


This is where I need YOUR help. I need YOU to recommend me a good shampoo and conditioner. For some reason, these days, every time I wash my hair with whatever shampoo the next day my hair becomes oily all over again......WHY????? and since when??? It really annoys me and I've gone thru numerous different kinds of shampoos and nothing seems to work on my hair and have it last for at least 2 days without it becoming oily again. 

I will tell you about a shampoo product that I have used. I used this while I was in London too. The name of this shampoo is called "CLEAR". I feel bad on what I'm about to say about this product, but I am about to save your life, and your hair!. In my personal opinion and experience, this is THE WORST shampoo I have ever used in my life!!!! I have come to believe that not only with a shitty hair dryer but also with a shitty brand of shampoo & conditioner, both combined can seriously do some MAJOR damage to your hair (as you've seen in my picture above). I bought this shampoo based on what it promised to do! 
"Stronger, more beautiful hair in 7 days, guaranteed"

Uhhhh.... really????? how about
 "Thinner, more balding spots on your head in 7 days guaranteed"

I can't believe this shampoo got the "Allure" Best of Beauty Award for 2012. I will never trust Allure "the beauty expert" ever again. Sorry, but this shampoo and conditioner needs to be banned! Ever since I was using this shampoo and conditioner, I have noticed my hair was becoming brittle and dryer. Even when I came back to NYC after London, I used my awesome hairdryers and my hair got better but since I was still using this shampoo, with every use, my hair was getting worse and worse. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't getting any better!! and for the first time I even considered chopping my hair off and getting a "pixie cut" I'm dead serious. I couldn't take it anymore. It looked and felt so nasty!. 
 Then randomly one day I decided to look up the reviews on this shampoo and I was MORTIFIED on the reviews that many other women gave. I realized I wasn't alone. At first when you use this shampoo, it smells great and it makes your hair extremely baby soft! (yes, thats true) but as you keep using it, your hair starts to fall out in clumps! I got my hair knotted at the ends and I had to choice but it rip it off....ugh, I'm sorry this sounds really disgusting but it's true, this was my personal experience! It's horrible. Absolutely Horrible and 
I DO NOT recommend Clear shampoo and conditioner to anybody at all. 
If you have it, throw it out!

The other shampoos and conditioners that I have used that are good and may work great with your hair (but for some reason doesn't work well with my hair because it gets oily the next day) are...

Normalizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Tea-Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Volume Big & Full Shampoo & Conditioner 
(this smells smells SO good!)

4) ITS A 10 Miracle Moisture   Shampoo & Conditioner

I need a good clarifying shampoo that will make my hair hold up without it getting oily for at least 2 days! If anyone has any recommendations PLEASE leave me a comment below or on my Instagram or Twitter. I would be so grateful! Thank you!!!! <3 :)

Agadir Argan Oil Spray Treatment

I currently am doing hair treatments and every time I wash my hair, when I get out of the shower and it's damp, I spray this! 
(avoiding my roots)

Agadir Argan Oil Spray Treatment

PRICE - $29.99 USD - 
£18.23 - INR RS 1,843.79 - AED 110.15 د.إ;

I used to have thick beautiful hair but with all the crap I've done to it, I now have Fine hair. This product smells good and even with fine hair, this did not weigh my hair down. It doesn't make my hair look oily either, it gives shine and smoothness! If you have thick hair, good for you! this will work wonders as well! I compared this product to Moroccan Oil and I found that in my personal opinion, I like this better.

Compared to Moroccan Oil, this smell is lighter (a bit sweeter and less musky) and the spray bottle makes it easier to apply to your hair. I also like how light this feels and I LOVE that you can use this on damp hair. The spray is also great with using a flat iron! Unlike other glossers or moisturizers (BioSilk, for example) Agadir Argan Oil is not a silicone and it won't cling onto the surface of your hair strand! If you want to use this product on dry hair when your about to apply a heat tools to your hair, you can easily spritz this onto each section before you straighten or curl your hair and your hair oil will absorb the oil, protecting it from being fried by heat tools. This is well worth the money and I highly recommend this product for all hair types! :)
You can also find this cheaper on other websites  but I bought mine from the main site, 
heres the link -->  http://www.agadirint.com/


Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1 Inch Plate Flat Iron

I haven't straightened my hair in a year. I'm not kidding. Currently I'm in the process of healing my hair and I would be really stupid to use a flat iron especially with the ends of my hair looking like how I showed you in the picture I posted above! Even though they are heat protectant items out there, using a blowdryer on my hair (when I should just let it air dry) is enough for me!!

I've had the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1 Inch Plate Flat Iron for 5 years!!! Thats right, 5 years! In my personal opinion, this is the only flat iron I HIGLY recommend to anyone who is in need of a new flat iron. I've used the hair straightener brands such as GHD, T3, AMIKA, SEDU, etc. I've used all the pretty kinds, LED whatever etc, and NOTHING can compare to this flat iron I currently have. This is my baby and once again, this is my personal opinion but I back up everything I've said about this 100% because every time I've used this, I've had fantastic results and this has lasted me over 5 years! It's great! 
When my hair is healthy, I will use this again!!!!! and can't wait :)

I bought mine from a beauty supply store in Buffalo, NY and 
I paid $160 USD,  £97.36 - INR RS 9,836.8 - AED 587.56  د.إ.

However, on the website called Folica, you can purchase this straightening iron for Less!!!
PRICE - $129.99 USD - £79.1 - INR RS 7,991.79 - AED 477.44  د.إ.

Here is the website link --> http://www.folica.com/


  • Easy to use
  • lightweight
  • ultra thin
  • ultra smooth titanium plates
  • instant heat when it's on
  • up to 450 fahrenheit - 232 Celsius
  • titanium plates are 5 inches!  
  • leaves hair shiny and smooth
  • works extremely well with curly hair
  • frizz free


  • NONE!!!! - well worth the money. 


Have any of you girls experienced "Static Hair"? You know when you brush your hair after you wash and dry it and then all of a sudden it gets all "staticy"? It usually happens in the winter and it happens with me a lot. Well, heres a secret of mine that I thought I would share with you all! 
When my hair has Static in it, I use 
Static Guard 
I spray it on my brush and then brush my hair. It gets rid of Static Hair and your hair will be tamed and normal in 5 seconds. Thats it! No more Static hahah


A lot of you ask about my makeup. Especially my eyeliner! I know how to do eyeliner on myself and I know how to do good eyeliner! I love making my eyes look extremely sultry and dark and I just love the thickness around my eyes with the blackest eyeliner out on the market! 

I usually do my own makeup, but on special occasions when I go out to fancy dinners, events, shows, or its my girls night out, I always get my makeup done!

The picture above is me wearing my DreamTresses Hair Extensions 
(which will be releasing in 3-4 months) and my makeup is done by Yasmeen. 

I have 2 makeup artists who I know (follow) and I highly recommend you ladies enquiring about. I know more than 2 but I felt if I gave you guys too many options, it would be confusing to pick so I narrowed by 2 top favorite! 1 for the States, and 1 Abroad. However, if you do want more options, leave me a comment below and I would be happy to recommend you a makeup artist in your city, (hopefully I know one!!!) 

1) Yasmeen (New York)

Yasmeen isn't only a makeup artist. She is MY personal makeup artist, and my good friend. I met Yasmeen 3 years ago when I went to a MAC counter to get my makeup done for a special occasion. When I met her, I told her what I wanted and she gave me exactly what I asked for....and then some! Her work is phenomenal and I only recommend the best of the best because I only want the best of the best. She's quick, knows her colors, liquids, and brushes, and the thing I like the most about her is that when I get my makeup done by her she is very personal. She really studies your face and takes her time into telling you how something will look and shows you samples of colors, and previous work that she's done. 
She's a perfectionist for any look! Natural or Dramatic.
She's funny, bubbly, and can make any women look beautiful and sexy!
I trust her 100% and I ONLY go to her in New York. 
If she's not available, I stay home or I do my own makeup (if I'm not too lazy) 
I highly recommend her if your in NY or anywhere in the states for a girl night out look, or just a neutral look, weddings, engagements, the whole nine yards! 
You can Follow her Instagram @MakeupByYasmeen 

2) Rosie (London)

Although I do not know her personally, and I have never had a personal makeup experience with her, Rosie's work is beautiful! I accidentally found her through a friends page on Instagram and started following her for makeup inspirations and just general looks to go "wow" at.
(and so I can show them to Yasmeen when it's time for me to get my makeup done! LOL) 
I have interacted with her via Instagram and she is very sweet and talented! Her looks are vibrant and sexy and got the perfect "cat eye" look going on! When I go to London next, if I'm able to, I will definitely try and get in touch with her to get my makeup experience done by her!
You can Follow her Instagram @Rosie_Instamua

Well, thats all for my first beautyblog! I hope you guys enjoyed my blog, I had a lot of fun writing it and sharing all this information with you all! I learned a lot about these products as well as I was writing and giving my personal opinion! Let me know what you want me to write about next, I look forward to hearing from you.
If you have and questions or comments, leave them down below or leave me a comment on instagram or twitter and I'll do my best to get back to you all!

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xoxo T 


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  2. That is really a great blog Trishala.... Thanks for so many recommendations... I have been using Dove since so many years ....but recently due to severe hair fall I decided to change my shampoo and conditioner. I switched to Loreal and trust me, like literally I am in love with it....I think you should give it a try and as you said that your problem is oily hair and that they are getting fine... I would suggest you to go for a volumising one for that..because volumising shampoos keep your hair dry by preventing oil and hence sticking together.
    Also you would have to shun that argan oil spray... Argan oil is the best remedy for drying, and you know your problem is opposite.
    Hope this helps love!! Also if you have time please go through my blog on:
    https://www.leisuresundays.blogspot.com and let me know how's it?
    xoxo <3

    1. thank you for your recommendation!!! I'll deff look into it! :) btw, I didn't know Argan oil is the best remedy for drying???? why have it on the market then....who wants dry hair???? :\ xoxo T

  3. Definitely agree with you on the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium flat iron: that thing is a godsend!! Although to tell you the truth I paid about $70/$80 on it from beyondtherack.com. I've heard Fekkai products are quite good for your hair, though I have no personal experience.

    1. I heard of fekkai products as well.... but I'm always hesitant to use it cause they LOOK oily.... :( but I'll give it a shot anyway, maybe I'll be surprised! and yes girl!!! that babyliss is godsend for sure! haha enjoy :D and thanks for reading!! :) xoxo T

  4. Hi Trishala, Loved all the good and bad things you have told us about each and every product you use. Personally I have bad experience using the DOVE Shampoo. I had a major hair fall problem because of the shampoo. So i recently switched into the Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo. I think it is good but it makes your hair a little static the first time i used it. But try and it and let me know how it works for you.

    1. I'll deff try it out, my friend has a bottle of Tresemme so I'm gonna use hers and see how it goes! thank you for giving me your advice!!! :) and thank you for reading!! hugs* xoxo T

    2. and btw, it's okay if i get Static hair from it.....I'll just use my Static Guard :D hahah

  5. Strange to read about beauty stuff as a man :S

    1. hahaha!! thanks for reading anyway! at least you got educated :D ur gf or wife will be proud! xoxo T

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  7. Dear Trishala,
    Thanks for the blog post. Coincidently this week new video on your Dad too.
    As a guy I never knew there was an Almond Oil Lotion. And that also by VS.
    VS marketing is more on trying to get men's attention by using underwear models. Gaining men's attention , VS feel it will create such a buzz that women will buy their stuff.

    You should make your own lotion company. I think you will do better than VS marketing (at least ethically from the point of most women and some men) because you are not trying to create a buzz by attracting men.
    You will be better, in fact you are better BECAUSE you know the stuff.


    1. thank you so much for your kind compliment! :) lets see in the future what will happen, currently Im working on my own line of hair extensions so after that lets see!! thank you so much again :) xoxo T

  8. Heyyy trishala....hw u doin? I've been reading your blog for a while nw and I hav to say this that u rockkk!!!! Nd u r very beautiful and after reading this blog post I've learned alot thanxxx for this and plzzz do keep posting

    1. thank you so much for the love Emaan! Im glad I was able to help you out! lots of love, xoxo T

  9. Heyyy trishala hw u??hope u doing well....I have a small request that if u cud write a blog on how to prevent or decrease hair fall...if u cud help me out on this I'll be really thankful...plz do think about it...love u..take care

    1. Hi Emaan,

      I will try and do a blogpost about hair fall. Im not very familiar with it but as soon as I get a bot educated on the subject I will write something!

      xoxo T

  10. Superb article, very helpful. Well I use to have extremely beautiful hair but to my bad luck because of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) I lost all my nice lush thick hair and now dealing with bald patches and very fine hair. I would just like to suggest to all the ladies out there do not take PCOS lightly as I did( didn't even bother to find out its side effects) if you'll have been diagnosed with it please read about it on Google and educate yourself about it and save your Hair!!!! Trishala love your blog, i follow you on Instagram too...... so much to learn from you. Love you, regards Sheeba(India)

    1. Hi Sheeba,

      thank you so much! <3 I actually looked up what you told me and its scary! thank you for informing me. I informed a lot of girls as well and Im glad there people like you out there which many of us can learn from too! Im glad you enjoyed my blog and I hope you enjoy it even more for the following posts soon! :)

      xoxo T

  11. Hey babe must tell you your blog is being my new drug...lol.., truly your recomendations are superb ,..i just wanted to ask you something when you lost all that weight, did your skin either got loose or kinda got shrink , ...
    Because i lost the same weight as you did ,but now am going through a lot of trouble with my skin specially the belly area,i really need a solution on this from you ....looking forward for a reply .
    Thanks a ton for this great post , you look gorgeous honey ....!!!!
    Dab ...(India)

  12. Thank you so much for your kind compliment! Im glad I'm able to help you and others out as much as I can! My skin didn't get loose when I lost weight because I was strength training at the same time. Strength training is extremely important as it prevents hanging and loose skin. However, I do know some girls who have\had a hanging tummy that would flap over and when they lost weight, everything looked great but their skin on their stomach was so excessive before that it just hangs and the only way to fix it is by having a tummy tuck! If you are one of them, theres NOTHING to feel bad about....you came a LONG way and u got fantastic results thats why its looking like that...I suggest you consult a great plastic surgeon and see what your options are about a tummy tuck....lots of women even get a tuck after giving birth! so it's a completely normal thing to do....but its up to you! Im not a Dr. so consult him\her first and your family before you do anything of that sort! Family support will be easier for you!

    1. Oh my god, thank you so much for replying ..., i seriously needed your advice , i thought of getting a tummy tuck done earlier either but some how i have a fear ,because i read in a blog that it really affects the pregnancy in future, and am a student .....so, yeah...!!
      i want to get it done but have no clue whats right , am sorry to ask again for your favour but do you think , it affects in conceiving in future....???
      Dab ...(damini)

    2. No. I don't believe it effects conceiving in the future. Don't listen to anybody except your plastic surgeon. I know 4 girls who have gotten a tummy tuck and have had healthy pregnancies however when they have been pregnant, there belly wasn't huge at all! So I guess in a way it does effect pregnancy (u won't have a huge tummy) but u can still be able to have healthy kids! Talk to your Dr!!!!

    3. Oh !!
      Thank you so much babe,after having a word with you now i have already fixed an appointment with my dr., lets hope for the best, you have really been a big help for me , thanks a ton ....
      And yeah, please upload a new post of yours ...it has been many days since you've uploaded your last one , i hope you would do it soon, my eyes wide open ...waiting !!
      Thanks again<3,
      Love , dab (damini, India)

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  33. Hey! So I was reading through your blog. You have some really helpful information, thanks for all of it. You asked about a good shampoo and conditioner. I also had a hard time getting my hair under control when my hairstylist told me that if I blow-dry my hair and use heat and other products as much as I do (which is usually every other day) that you should use a really good clarifying shampoo. I would recommend Paul Mitchell's Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner. I love them! I can feel the conditioner working into my hair and moisturizing my scalp the second I work it into my hair. Just thought I would share this bit of info with you. :)

    1. thank you so much for sharing!!! I will deff check that out :) I really appreciate that! Im still on a hunt! haha

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  35. Awww trish I loved this post! You're such an inspiring person - beautiful inside and out! You're so helpful to your followers when most celebs are all stuck up. It's nice to see people like you still exist, you're amazing woman! Best wishes fir your future x go glad I could have a friend like yourself, God bless :)

    1. thank you Benish!!! I want to be able to help people because I remember being that girl who would always wonder....and nobody would ever help me. I know how frustrating that it so I didn't want to be like that so I decided to share what I know! :)

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  37. hey Trish! so this is something completey off from ur blog but ive wanted to ask u. so how was it living in a big city like NY alone? did u have anyone with u? i probably sound like a creep but im in high school and my dream college is in NY so i wanted to know some things about NY before deciding to go there! if u can get a chance to answer back it'll be great.
    i dont wanna sound like a creep lpl but there is no other way to put this and if u could, would u mind emailing me?

    thx again!

  38. Hi Trishala,

    I've a question about skin. I've given up sugar, milk, and processed food and ive lost a lot of weight. But my skin still has not cleared up. I do have coffee everyday. Do you think quitting coffee can help? I'm trying to stay away from a dermatologists skin cream, and try to clear my skin with my diet. Any suggestions? Nupur

  39. i dont think you active 24/7 on your blog

  40. Hey Trishala, Your blow dryer tip was really too useful. And for recommendations, try the body shop Oil control shampoo. Its really reasonable charging aprox. 1500-1700, I have used it but it is not that satisfying. Instead I would suggest wash your hair everyday because I too have such hair oil problem, it will clean your scalp and wont make it oily and addition benefit is that it would reduce the hair fall problem.
    And I am sorry for such extreme late comment, in case you read it now.

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