Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let's Talk Shopping !!!

Heyy girlies- and a few gents who choose to read this post! :)

Im going to try to update weekly.. Im still trying to figure out how this works and get it to work from my iPhone..

As you may or may not know- I am 24 years old, I don't have the luxury of having someone make me tea (chai) in the morning or do my laundry for me. I do everything myself and Im a big believer in the quote "
if you want it done right; do it yourself" so needless to say I dont spend everyday shopping at the malls or on 5th avenue. I do however browse my ultimate FAVORITE online shopping sites a few times a week for new clothes and outfit ideas, and please take note! I said browse!!! although I really need to control my pointer finger so I don't click "add to bag" :( 

One of my binges is shoes. Im OBSESSED with Christian Louboutin and I'm one of their VIP's here in New York City.... am I bragging?!?!? Stop me if I am- I by no means want to brag- just share the life that I'm living because for me; sometimes I feel like im living a dream...and my life hasn't even started yet!  So anyway- bags and shoes I will not buy online UNLESS I know the designer, own a similar pair, and know how it will fit. 

Before I begin this, I just want to let you know I don't only wear designers. I may come from a Bollywood Family, and I may be Mr. Dutt's daughter but I am still a practical human being. I love a good sale when it comes out. I know when the best time to shop for a great bargain is too! Around the holidays is always a great time to check out some of the upscale boutiques because they are always trying to clear out extra inventory. I know the value of a $$$ Dollar $$$, & I do not take anything for granted, BUT I do love my designers....not going to lie...I'm guilty of being a designer freak :( 


Singer22 - What I love about singer22 is that they have these amazing "look book" pictures that start right when the site opens that show you all the cutest, newest clothes that came in. Then it has an option to browse by celebrity what they were seen in, and what brand they were wearing. What's amazing is they sell it right there on their site!! Some of their prices are kinda expensive but others are not so much- and they have great sales as well! 

I'm definitely a girl who mixes up my wardrobe. I still shop at Forever21 which is an American chain of clothing with branches in major cities in America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East that offers trendy clothing and accessories for women, men, and girls at low, affordable prices.

--> By the way, the picture on the right is the largest Forever21 in New York which is 90,000 square feet located in the very famous Times Square, NYC!!. What I even love about them is they just recently started making clothes for Plus-Size (bigger) women as well! Every women should feel good about herself no matter how big or small she is. A women should be proud and embrace whatever she has, not feel bad about it and hide it. I'm glad designers are taking women of all sizes into consideration these days :) 

Anyway - 

shoes & bags I'm pretty strict about because to me that is what can make or break an outfit. Your shirt can cost $12 US Dollars and your jeans $50 US dollars but if your rocking amazing shoes - all of a sudden your "Glamorous" and worth a MILLION BUCKS!!! So in my personal opinion (totally up to you) I would save up and invest in an amazing pair of heels. 

*FOR EXAMPLEIn the pic to the left, my dress is from FOREVER 21! BUT because I have a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes on, I bet no one would have ever guessed that :) I'm not the only person who does this by the way - many other celebrities do this (who I won't name) and I think it's cool! You don't necessarily have to wear designer labels all the time on the red carpet or when you go out. If you look good and feel good thats all that matters! 

This dress is actually an appropriate length but since I'm so tall (I'm 5'7) + the heels and my leg is hiked up, it's looking short on me. 

I'm not justifying anything. I really don't care what anyone thinks, this is a tip for tall girls!  

Tall Girl + Medium length dress + 5 inch heel = dress appearing shorter!! 

The Christian Louboutin shoes I have on are called the "Bianca" python pump which obviously has a different texture than regular patent leather. I chose these because I just felt these had a little bit more of a "va va voom!" to them and the sheen on these babies are hot! not to mention it won't leave your fingerprints on them like regular black patent leather will! :D

 Some women prefer a more conservative look rather than a "loud" look so you can get this particular shoe style in various different colors and regular leather if you don't want patent leather (which has a "wet" look\shine to it) or any type of skin (watersnake, python, crocodile, etc)

What I like, you may not like. I love mine! they look unique however, every women is different and we all have different taste so whatever makes YOU feel confident, wear those! :) Sound good? Great! 


YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) which is now going by the name "Saint Laurent" (I don't know why) 
I think is a great pump to start with in nude or black because it goes with everything! 

Tribtoo Platform Pump

These particular pictures above is called the "Tribtoo Platform Pump" and it's one of my favorite style pumps in YSL. Again, these happen to be patent leather (no I'm not obsessed with this type of leather, I just happen to find a picture of these shoes in that type thats all) :)  

H&M - I'll be completely honest with you, I barely ever go into H&M. Why? because every time I walk in there it's a complete MESS. Clothes are thrown around, things are falling off the hangers and I just feel like....EW! I don't want to shop in here. BUT.....online :) lol Online it's a different story! and so was today because it was a Tuesday and malls are dead on Tuesdays so there was not a lot of people and the store was clean!. 

H&M doesn't really have the styles I like but they have a lot of cute basic tanks and t-shirts you can just throw on with a pair of jeans and your good to go!

I went in there today and I found a really cute black tank which I got shown on the right --> that I can really dress up with a nice pair of designer jeans, shoes, nice belt, hair done, minimal makeup, and I'll be good to go! I can't wait to show you guys how I'll make this look!!


INTERMIX - Oh God.... this store is my WEAKNESS. You don't even understand what "weakness" to me means when I say that about THIS store. I am head over heels in love with EVERYTHING in here!!! but it's straight up expensive. My credit card literally curses me out because of this store! by the time I'm done, it's burning lol They have good sales too. This is a fashion boutique for trendsetters, A-Listers, and glam "fashionistas". Beautiful pieces from Alexander McQueen, Equipment, J Brand, David Lerner, Proenza Schouler, Rag & Bone, Rick Owens, Jimmy Choo, etc.

I can keep going with the list of names - don't even get me started!....I think I'll hop on their website after I'm done writing this........... just to check what's going on if any new clothing has arrived :) hahahah 

BEBE - I have grown up with this store. BEBE is a store that a lot of women can relate to. I remember in High School (grades 9-12) all the "desi" girls back then would always wear the BEBE logo shirts. I don't know why!! & okay fine I admit, I own a few of those as well! I guess it's the rhinestones that glisten like crazy that attracted all of us! God knows! However, I don't wear their logos anymore, I actually donated all my bebe logo stuff to charity so there's one happy girl out there! I wear their regular non logo clothing now which is really nice. BEBE used to make clothes that were very "clubbing" like before...has anyone ever noticed that? but now I've noticed their making clothing for the more conservative crowd BUT still sexy with an edge...I like that! It's something different and classy, rather than trashy! 

Heres a pic of me in one of their logo shirts. See how the "B-E-B-E" is kind of glistening, shining, whatever you want to call it. I like yellow on me, it's one of my favorite colors too. I call it my "happy" color because it just brightens my face and my mood! 

Okay, so I think for my second post this is a good start. There so many other shops out there like Zara, Mango, Barneys, Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, etc that I can list in my Shopping post but I'll save all that for later posts! These were just a few to name for you guys so you can get an idea of what's out there and what was worth mentioning for now - this isn't only it! 

I just started this blog so there's PLENTY more to come. 

I'll wait to hear some feedback and more ideas on what you would like me to write about :)
I'll also post Daily mirror pics and list what I'm wearing if you guys are interested and tell you where to get it from etc

Goodnight Everyone, hope you enjoyed reading :) Can't wait to hear from you!

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xoxo Trishala


  1. Beautifully written .. I love Forever and BeBe tooo .. Thanks for sharing it out with us !!! :-) Muahh

  2. nice peace, u hve wonderful knowledge abut fasion!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us... Would love to read about you more !! Really keep sharing beautiful LADY :)

    1. thank you!! :) I def will keep writing and I hope you love it more as time goes on!

  4. Great post,Soniyeh.Tons of love :-)

    1. thank you :))) I'll get to reading yours now! love xoxo

  5. Hey Trish,
    great post again.. I' m glad that you tend to write longer posts than compared to others writing it short just for the sake of writing it and being in contact with the fans!!
    YES! YES! We would love to see your daily posts as well regarding what are you wearing, how do you look like in that and also may be some tips on dressing up, doing make-up and all the other things you do..
    Also if you can do write a post on make-up as well on what you use and how you use it, trust me a lot of girls (like me) don't know how to do make-up.. so advice helps!!
    Keep blogging and be the same humble hearted person you are.
    lots of love,
    Karishma :)

  6. My dear friend ..
    You know I think about you a lot .. And at the moment I finished reading the blog for the fourth time today ..
    So ..
    I'm just amazed at the incredible writing ability that you dear
    .. Today at work I read your blog with my BlackBerry .. But I could not respond ...
    I want to commend you and tell you cheers .. well done .. You are investing so much time to write such a long text .. With a lot of words .. amazing pictures ..
    Just so amazing pictures ..
    (One picture I kept to myself .. that I really liked lol)
    .. I do not read much about women's fashion .. Just something that really interests me .. But suddenly today when I read your text. I realized there are so many details .. Although small details that you noted in your blog on women's fashion ..
    Shoes .. clothes .. Brands .. Prices .. seasons worth buying clothing brands ..
    you given higher tips for womens fashion .. It's really amazing and surprising ..
    I want to tell you something ... not because you are my good friend .. But as someone who reads your text here .. you gave a lot of tips to women, very beautiful and very surprising .. .. It's just wonderful ..
    As I read the text .. I feel so with a smile ..
    You wrote at the height of modesty .. you specified new things here I did not know about you ..
    I'm just fascinated by what you may renew your blog ..
    I'm very happy about that ..
    You should know that you are doing a great job .. You are on the right path to conquer the hearts of everyone
    With lots of affection and admiration
    Lots of hugs and love
    Moses Sapir

  7. Dear Trishala..
    The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can...
    Good luck dear ..
    Your always

  8. hello Trishala i have started reading your blog. i felt it was very honest and true.you look stunning especially ur legs:) . jus a request can you plz also share some tips on weight loss. from your twitter pic i can see you have lost heaps of weight. thanks looking forwards for more posts :)

    1. Hi Sarah

      thank you so much for the compliment, I'll always be honest and true with what I'm writing. I like helping women feel better about themselves. As you know I used to be extremely overweight before & I never had a coach or anyone tell me what to do or how to dress so I learned everything on my own...but I wish I did have someone so I didn't have to struggle so much to get to the point where I now am. I will def do a post on weight loss and try and help everybody as much as I can!

      lots of love,
      Trishala <3

    2. hi thanks for your reply. ill be waiting for more of your writing. and please do mention how to get legs like yours. thank you :)

  9. So beautifully written i love dis :) i love forever 21 n speially high heels my fev :) thank you so much darling trish !!

  10. Replies
    1. thanks babe!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! blogging today as well! xoxo T

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  12. hi, hope you are doing well. I was reading one of your dad's recent interview. he mentioned about your role in his Sanjay Dutt production house. I am a phd student at Rutgers university in New Jersey and have written few scripts/stories. I was wondering if you are looking for any new scripts or would consider looking at my work??? I will really appreciate a reply,my email id is summer.bio101@gmail.com.

    1. hi Sahil, I'm not sure what he mentioned about me in his production house but I'm not involved in his work like that... :(

  13. Hey Trishala,lovely post. Reading it was like talking to a friend over a cuppa. Keep writing. Also please write about stuff like hair care products, skin care products in short the "insider secrets" of taking care head to toe.
    thx and god bless.

    1. Hey thank you for your kind compliment! I like helping others and will do my best to bring you and everyone else all the tips and "secrets" about everything and anything i know!!! take care :) xoxo T

  14. Hi Trishala, You look absolutely stunning and your story is very inspiring.. did you tried using fat burners ? Please suggest, should I use them ?

    1. Thank you so much! :) No, don't bother using fat burners. I mean you can try using them but I don't think you would go very far....I've tried them and I saw no results at all... but you may never know everyones body is different! I wouldn't recommend it

      xoxo T

  15. Trishala, you're gorgeous and you're going to be a role model to so many people around the world! Leather and other animal skins are a result of extreme torture and brutality. None of those poor animals deserve that much pain. Please don't support that, at least not on a blog that thousands will read. I'm sure you're beautiful inside out. Many blessings!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind compliment. I know I don't support animal brutality at all. I have a little dog whom I love so much I could never imagine anything happening to him. In regards to my python shoes, I got them as a gift and couldn't exchange nor return them because they were bought in london :( Thank you so much for at least telling me in a very kind way :) and I'm glad I am able to be a role model for you as well

      Lots of Love,
      - T

  16. Hi Trishala,
    The first time I saw a pic of u was in a magazine when u were a kid and I just happened to come across this as I was looking for some inspiration to lose weight and I am so happy to have read what you have written.

    1. Hi Shweta! :) so glad you came across this...and I'm glad I was able to give you a little push of inspiration <3 best of luck for your weight loss journey. I know you can do it!! :)

      Lots of Love

  17. Definitely U are not a proudy person It is my First time commenting here and coming on ur blog as well Trishala one thing that you have said has made me the person who now admires you ... It's not about cheap and expensive the things That suits you an ur comfortable in it you should go for it and yes that's really what matters..

  18. Your blog is very interesting. Thank you for sharing photos and informative posts. Keep rocking.


  19. That's an incredible sense of fashion you have there ! Great ideas. Keep it up.

  20. Hi Trishla,

    You look like a Bollywood diva now..Though im a male but your story has really inspired me and I have to loose weight now..
    Thanks for such a wonderful Blog!
    Best of luck for your future and hope to see you in movies soon...

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